Important Information About Antique Plates


Many of Virginia’s car hobbyists own vehicles that are registered as antiques. Unfortunately there are people who have vehicles registered as antiques that are not obeying the laws. The Car Club Council of Central Virginia wants everyone to understand the following information about antique vehicle registration.


The Law

* Vehicles 25 or more years old may be registered as antiques – they do not have to be

* Antique registration restricts the use of the vehicle

* Vehicles registered as antiques CANNOT be used as commercial vehicles and can not haul cargo

* Vehicles registered as antiques CANNOT be used as daily drivers (you cannot drive the vehicle to and from work)

* Antique vehicles can be driven to shows and other events and can be used for occasional pleasure driving

* Antiques do not have to have an annual safety inspection BUT all vehicles must comply with all equipment laws (do not register a vehicle as an antique to keep from making needed repairs to the vehicle – vehicles must comply as to the date of manufacture)

* You may be ticketed and fined for violating the antique vehicle registration law




* Your antique vehicle must be insured – driving without insurance carries a penalty of jail time and a fine

* You should purchase insurance from a company that insures antique/special vehicles

* Many insurance companies have restrictions on antiques – such as mileage limits and the vehicle must be kept in a locked enclosed garage on your property

* Insurance for antiques is lower and has better coverage than for vehicles registered as daily drivers




* All antique vehicles must be in proper working order to be driven on the road

* Lights, horn, brakes, steering, suspension, tires, etc – must all be in the same condition as required to pass state inspection

* You may be ticketed and fined if your antique vehicle has defective equipment or is unsafe to drive. You are also subject to having your antique plates revoked for 5 years. Unsafe vehicles may be towed/impounded.


Need More Info? Need to Report a Violation?


* Email photos of the violation with license plate and the locality where the violation occurred to and the violations will be forwarded to the State Police for investigation.