SECTION 1 – The Car Club Council of Central Virginia, Inc. as an incorporated, nonprofit society, and hereafter called the CCCCVA, is an association of car clubs that have joined together.


1)      To exchange information between clubs and to keep the public informed regarding                                    events of interest.


2) To create a voice for the hobby at the local, statewide, and national level; particularly in regards to legislative matters.


3) To promote safety and a good public image for the hobby.


4) To provide assistance to clubs requesting help (EX: forming a club, increasing membership, activities, newsletters, by-laws, organizational structure, etc.).




SECTION 1.  Membership shall consist of any and all car or truck clubs interested in the purpose of the CCCCVA. The CCCCVA will accept membership from individuals and/or businesses interested in the CCCCVA purpose as Associate Members.


1) Club Membership and Definition of a “Club” for membership in the CCCCVA:

    Must have a minimum of five (5) member families. Must have evidence of an      “organizational” structure (EX: by-laws, charter, etc.).


2) Associate Membership: Consist of any individual and/or business showing a sincere interest in the purpose of the CCCCVA and wishing to help promote the hobby.


3) Membership is voluntary, and a member may withdraw at any time.


4) Membership to the CCCCVA is subject to approval by the voting membership.


SECTION 2.  Membership shall not be denied anyone based upon race, creed, sex or national




SECTION 3. Application for club membership is as follows:

1)   Any car or truck club desiring to become a member of CCCCVA must complete a          membership application and submit it along with the $10.00 dues to the CCCCVA Officers. The CCCCVA Officers will verify that the application is complete, verify the information provided (if deemed necessary) and present the application (along with their recommendation) to the general membership for approval/denial at the earliest opportunity.

SECTION 4. Application for Associate Membership is as follow:

1)      Any individual or business may apply for associate membership in the CCCCVA by            completing a membership application and submitting it along with $10.00 dues to the CCCCVA Officers. The officers will verify that the application is complete, verify the information provided (if deemed necessary) and present the application (along with their recommendation) to the general membership for approval/denial at the earliest opportunity.

SECTION 5. Expulsion or Cancellation of Membership shall occur if the Officers and Delegates of CCCCVA agree, by a majority vote of 2/3, that a Club, Delegate, Officer, or Associate Member should be expelled for valid reasons. This expulsion becomes immediately effective upon taking such vote. This vote can only take place at a regularly scheduled membership meeting and only after every Club, CCCCVA Officer and the party in question have received notice to this special proposed action at least two weeks in advance of the meeting. The term “valid reasons” is to denote actions contrary to the purpose of CCCCVA and actions deemed hostile to the car hobby. At this meeting the party in question will have the opportunity to defend their actions/position after the accusations are stated and before the vote. Those expelled will not have guest privileges and will not be eligible for future membership.



SECTION 1. Neither the members or officers of the CCCCVA, present or future, shall be held personally liable for any claims, damage, or debt against the CCCCVA or it’s members.


SECTION 2.  No officer or member of this nonprofit corporation shall have the right to individual proceeds of the assets or property.



SECTION 1. Annual dues are $10.00 per Member Club. Dues are due by January 31st. If dues are not received by March 1st, the club member is considered in arrears and not in good standing and therefore not entitled to vote on any matters, or enjoy any other benefits of membership, until dues are paid.

SECTION 2. Annual dues for Associate Members are $10.00 per individual or business. Dues are due by January 31st.  If dues are not received by March 1st, the member is considered as in arrears and will not be eligible for membership benefits, including the newsletter, until the dues are paid.




SECTION 1. At any meeting of CCCCVA each member club in attendance will have one vote regardless of the size of the club. Each member club is to appoint a “Delegate” to vote at the meetings on its behalf (see membership application). Each club should also appoint an “Alternate”. At the beginning of each meeting the President will ask that “Voting Delegates” identify themselves, if unknown, to the general membership. A delegate can only represent one club.

SECTION 2. Associate Members will have voting rights on matters before the CCCCVA.

SECTION 3. A simple majority will constitute a quorum for the voting at any membership meeting.


SECTION 1. The elected Officers of CCCCVA will consist of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

SECTION 2. Term of office for Officers will be one year from January to January. Officers can serve for more than one term, if elected by the membership.


SECTION 3. Nominations for office will take place in April of each year with elections being held in October. A “Nominating Committee” will be established each year by the President to insure that there is a qualified candidate for each position. Additional nominations may be made from the floor.


SECTION 4. Elected Officers cannot also be Delegates of their respective clubs.


SECTION 5. Elections of Officers will take place at the regular October CCCCVA Membership meeting. Election will be by ballot unless a candidate runs unopposed.


SECTION 6. In the event that the death or incapacitation of the President and Vice-president, the following succession to the Presidency shall be the Treasurer and then the Secretary.


SECTION 7. In the event that any Officer (other than the President) resigns, or is unable/unwilling to perform the duties of the position, the membership may vote to name a replacement at the next general meeting of the CCCCVA Membership.


SECTION 8. If any Officer fails to discharge the duties of his/her office for two (2) consecutive meetings without presenting a valid reason, the remaining Officers and the Board of Directors may declare the office vacated and request the membership to fill the vacancy.



SECTION 1. Duties of the President shall include, but not be limited:

1) To conduct all official meetings and preside over any CCCCVA business.


2)      To be chief spokesman for CCCCVA

3) To enforce the CCCCVA By-laws


4) To create necessary committees and appoint committee chairperson for each.


5) To schedule all meetings of the officers as needed.


6) To cast the deciding vote in cast of a tie.


7) To act as ex-officio member of all committees with exception of the nominating committee.


8)  To place the President’s signature in conjunction with the Secretary’s on all official documents that are adopted by the CCCCVA.


9) To lead by example.


SECTION 2.  Duties of the Vice-president shall include but not be limited:


1) To assume the duties of the President in his/her absence and attend all business meetings, or when requested by the President. Replaces the President if the President resigns or is unable/unwilling to perform the duties of the position.


2) To attend all committee meetings.                                           


3) To serve in such capacity as directed by the President.


SECTION 3. Duties of the Treasurer shall include but not be limited:


1) To keep all financial records and report to the Officers and membership as requested.


2) To collect all dues and make deposits for safe keeping to the CCCCVA account.


3) To pay all bills.


4) To maintain the Roster of paid CCCCVA Members and keep the “Publications Committee” up to date regarding all current members.


5) To prepare a monthly report of the status of all accounts and funds of the CCCCVA, showing all financial business for the month. The report to be delivered on the first meeting following the month reported orally to the membership, with a written report furnished to the Secretary to be entered with the minutes.


6)      To Prepare books and financial statement to be audited whenever a new Treasurer is elected and present findings to the CCCCVA at the next regular meeting.


7) To coordinate with the Secretary for renewal of corporation papers thirty (30) days prior to due date.


8)  To prepare a year-end financial report and prepare a statement to be made available for filing and public review, if requested.


SECTION 4. Duties of the Secretary shall include but not be limited:

1) To keep the minutes of all meetings and report to the Officers and membership as requested.


2) To mail and inform all member clubs (EX: their delegates), and Officers of upcoming meetings and events.


3) To handle and maintain all correspondence deemed by the President.


4) To be the custodian of all records


5) To sign the Secretary’s signature in conjunction with the President’s on all official documents that are adopted by the CCCCVA. 

6) To coordinate with the Treasurer to for renewal of the corporation papers thirty (30) days prior to the due date.




SECTION 1. There shall be a Board of Directors consisting of the Officers. The President shall preside as Chairman of the Board of Directors.


SECTION 2. To maintain the continuity of business, the term of office of the Directors shall be consist with the term of office served by the newly elected Officers.


SECTION 3. Board of Directors meetings shall be held quarterly and be open to all Officers, and committee chairpersons.


SECTION 1. The CCCCVA will meet the last Monday of January, April, August and October. The President may call a special meeting.




SECTION 1. The President may authorize the expenditures of funds up to $100.00.


SECTION 2. Expenditures over $100.00 may be authorized by the membership at a regular membership meeting.


SECTION 3.  The withdrawal of any funds will require the signature of the Treasurer or the President.


SECTION 4.  In the event the CCCCVA is disbanded, all Monies on hand shall be donated to a local charity as recommended by the Board of Directors and Officers of CCCCVA and approved by a majority vote of the Membership at a membership meeting. If the CCCCVA has any property, it will be sold at public auction with the funds being disbursed as in the case of Monies on hand.



SECTION 1. By-laws can be amended at a regular membership meeting after written notice of the proposed change, including proposed language, has been given to all Delegates and Officers at least 30 days in advance of the meeting. Proposed changes must be first introduced at a regular membership meeting.

SECTION 2. A majority approval of the voting members at a general membership meeting will be required to carry an amendment to the existing By-laws.


SECTION 3.  Upon the adoption of an amendment, the Secretary will furnish each member with a copy of the amendment and it is the responsibility of each member to see that the amendment is placed in the proper location of his or her existing By-laws.


SECTION 4.  By-laws shall be brought up for review each year. Review and discussion may be done at any of the quarterly Directors meeting. Members should direct any concerns requiring an amendments to the Officers at least thirty (30) days prior to the date of a Board of Directors meeting.



By-laws Amendment Date: January 1, 2004





SIGNED BY     _____________________________________ President

                                                Fred Fann






                        _____________________________________  Secretary

                                     William W. Gagnon










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