If you do not follow the rules your event will NOT be posted in the calendar. The Car Club Council of Central Virginia posts events FREE of charge. We ask that you follow the rules so we are not embarrassed by misspelled words and grammar errors in order that the calendar is updated properly and promptly. The calendar gets a lot of traffic.

Send all events by EMAIL ONLY to or No event information will be taken by phone, texting or by mailing – EMAIL ONLY. Do not wait until the last minute – send events in as soon as possible and at least 14 days before the event - the sooner it is posted the better as events are listed by date and order received.

This is the proper format. We accept TEXT only, no images or flyers; do not type in all capitols. All events need to be in this format to be posted in the calendar.

Month Day – Name of Event sponsored by Name of Club/Sponsor, event location, event times, 2 or 3 sentences describing the event. Contact person name with phone and/or email. Website for event if there is one.

Here’s an example:

March 11 - 13 - The Great Big Auto Show at the Greater Richmond Convention Center, 403 N. 3rd Street, Richmond, VA 23219 Phone: 804-783-7300. Hours 10 AM to 10 PM Friday and Saturday, 10 AM to 6 PM Sunday. Admission is $9 adults, 62 and older $5, active military with ID $5, children 7 - 12 $3. Come out and see over 200 special vehicles on display, lots of automotive vendors and live bands on Friday and Saturday afternoons. For more information contact John Smith at or call 804-783-7300. Website for the show is

1. Date is month and day(s) – no year needs to be in listing. For cruises state day of week or day of month such as 3rd Friday of every month from April to October

2. Show or event name

3. Show location with street address, state and zip code

4. Hours of the event

5. A few sentences about the event that will entice people to attend

6. Do not type in ALL CAPITOLS

7. Contact person’s name with email and/or phone number

8. Website for additional information or link to flyer

9. Events should be sent no later than 14 days BEFORE the event

10. GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!!! Corrections take time!

Publicize Your Event

You are welcome to attend cruises, shows and other events to give car hobbyists your event flyer. You may wish to contact club presidents and ask to speak at a club meeting about your event. Local TV, radio stations and cable providers may post your event or announce it. Businesses may post your event poster/flyer. Craigslist and other websites with online calendars may post your event for free. Some local and weekly newspapers may post your event for free.

DO NOT copy emails off the council website and send spam email. DO NOT copy emails off the council website and email flyers. Emails on this website are to contact clubs and council officers - not for multiple emailing. They are not on this site to be placed on spam mailing lists. Spammers will be reported to their email providers. Events will be removed from the calendar if you send spam emails about the event.


Contact CCCCVA President Fred Fann at There is no need to call or text. You will get a faster response by email. Plus the information you need can be sent in the form of a link or attachment.

This website is a one-man volunteer operation. Following the rules keeps the calendar updated properly and promptly.