Polar Bear Run 22 January 22nd 2022 "We're Going to See a Car Collection"

We are going on Polar Bear Run 22 on January 22 in the year 2022 - with all those 22's what could go wrong? We are moving it up from the last Saturday because we have a rare one shot opportunity to see a private antique car collection. This is the only date we can see this collection. If the weather is nasty on the 22nd we will go to “Plan B” with another starting point and different destination. Let’s hope “Plan A” works! If you're full of bravado then sign up using the form below.

We will leave the Exxon-DQ at the intersection of I-295 and Route 5 (address is 3275 New Market Road 23692) at precisely 9 AM. Do not be late, have the tank filled and the bladder empty. Rules are:

> > > Your vehicle must be able to cruise at 65 mph (we will be on an interstate for 7 miles)

> > > Your vehicle must not be an ***electric*** only hydro-carbon powered vehicles allowed (that’s gasoline or diesel)

> > > Make sure your vehicle does not break down and everything functions properly

> > > Keep up with the group or you will get hopelessly lost

> > > Bring lunch money

> > > We will be going about 70 miles from our starting point

> > > You will have a choice of restaurants for lunch

> > > If January 22 is a no go - a new starting point, etc will be posted – be sure you register so I can contact you and be sure to register so I have enough directions for everybody

If the 22nd looks like this we will go with "Plan B" and this site will have the new starting point. You need to sign up so you will get an email if we go with "Plan B". Or you could go to the wrong starting point and you will be the only one there. Pay attention - sign up below.

President Biden is not sure what state he is in - and you can interpret that a couple of ways. But Brandon will not be going on the Polar Bear. He has too much work to do destroying everything that has been done since 1776. He still has time to go to a bar: So, Joe Biden walks into a bar and sees a hot, young woman sitting alone at a table.... ....He sits down next to her and says “So...do I come here often?”

New rule this year - no electric vehicles. We love the smell of carbon footprints in the cool January air and not the smell of burning lithium batteries and plastic. Plus there are no charging stations where we are going and you just can't carry a can of electricity with you.

You need to be as ready for the Polar Bear as this woman. Note the fur cap that is very much in style on the Polar Bear. Also note the perfect "O" of her mouth which means she has frozen body parts below.

Your vehicle needs to be in proper working order and that includes the brakes. I've been on runs where someone has to swerve into another lane because their "pump them up" brakes failed to pump up. And if there is not another lane? Then you get a custom by crash one of a kind like this 57 Chevy.

You may be going into uncharted territory where strange things happen every day. Follow all traffic signs and try to keep to yourself as much as possible to avoid an "entanglement".

Did I mention you should pay attention to the directions or you will get lost or may be something worse than being lost.

Women - be sure to dress warmly just like these ladies; well may be not, because they don't exactly look happy. Dress properly for the run because you never know when the heater will stop working or the heater core decides to puke out the green stuff right on your feet.

Do not feed the animals even if they seem friendly they will turn on you in a heart beat and you will become "dinner".

This woman is ready to go on the run even if she has to run instead of drive. Make sure you old heap doesn't take a dump on the run or we will pass you by waving one finger. And then the polar bear will come for you.

If it looks like this then we go to "Plan B". Keep your fingers crossed we get to see this private automobile collection.

Yeah, as usual we will eat lunch after viewing the collection. Instead of going to some place like "Crabby Dick's" or "Chewy Balls" or "Big Wong" you will have a choice of 3 restaurants and all of them will be better than "Anal Indian".

You MUST Register!

Just send me an email or use the form below to let me know how many are attending. A club representative can also contact me to let me know how many club members to expect.

You can contact me by phone, email or use the form below:
Fred Fann
Phone: 804-590-9583
Email: fredfann@comcast.net

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I'm going on the run. Are you?