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Welcome to the Car Club Council of Central Virginia

Welcome to the web site of the Car Club Council of Central Virginia. The CCCCVA was founded in 1995. Currently there are 44 member clubs and organizations plus individual (associate) members. The goals of the council are to provide communications between car clubs, monitor legislation that could effect the car hobby and provide members of the council with information so that they can have a positive influence on auto-related legislation.

Virginia has developed a reputation as a car hobby friendly state. In 1999 the antique vehicle registration was changed by the General Assembly so that, for the first time, antique vehicles were allowed to be used for pleasure driving. In 2000 a bill became law that allows vehicles 25 or more years old to be exempt emissions testing. During the 2004 session of the Assembly a bill was passed and signed into law by the governor to allow car hobbyists to keep parts and project cars on their property as long as the vehicles were out of ordinary view from a road. In 2018, after nearly three years trying to get a bill introduced, the exhaust law was changed to allow the use of aftermarket exhaust parts on antique vehicles.

Clubs, organizations and individuals are invited to become members of the council. The council meets the last Monday of the January, April, August and October. Dues are only $10 per year. Members receive the monthly newsletter, "The Relay" available online at this site. If you wish more information about the council you should contact:

Fred Fann, President...fredfann@comcast.net
Ron Clark, Vice-President...totlsol@comcast.net
Tony Hall, Treasurer...95svtcobrava@comcast.net
Marti Fann, Secretary...fannart@comcast.net

The June 2024 Newsletter is now online. Click the car to view.

Enjoy your visit to the council site and please return often. If you'd like an application to join the council click on Application.

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